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 The Falcon was built in the 16th Century as a Coaching Inn, ideal for stabling the horses on an overnight stay. It was regularly used by stage coaches travelling between Stamford and Leicester. When the North-South route was opened in 1754-1755 the London Mail and other coaches were unable to negotiate Scale Hill, now to the west of the church and much steeper than it is today. They turned right along South View and up Queen’s Street, then known as Horn Lane, as coachmen would sound their horns to alert the Falcon Hotel of their arrival, where food and a change of horses would be waiting. 

Originally there were nine Inns surrounding Uppingham Market Place, currently the Falcon Hotel is the last one remaining and has been known as The Falcon for the last 400 years. In 1779, The Falcon became the most important Inn as this is where all of the mail coaches stopped.
Between 1875 and 1877 the hotel was extended upwards with an additional storey, by the owner, the Earl of Gainsborough whose estate is near Oakham. Unfortunately the death of the 2nd Earl of Gainsborough brought the extra burden of death and succession duties upon the estate that was already overloaded with debt. Consequently the 3rd Earl had to put the Falcon up for auction in 1882, which took place at the Crown Inn in Oakham. It was bought by Peter Fryer, the acting manager at the time. 
There is an old well under the floor near the bar. It is said that the ghost of a highwayman returns to look for the bag of stolen money he threw in there as he galloped through on his horse when he was being chased after robbing a coach on Galley Hill. He was caught and hanged for his crimes before he could recover his loot.

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